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September 23, 2012

Stoneman Park, Pittsburg, CA

8:00 am

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The cost is $3.

If want a Let's Move! Day T-shirt the total will be $13.


The North American Division has set aside Sunday, September 23, 2012 as Let’s Move Day. Our goal is to get as many people possible involved in physical activity on that day. Consider what kind of event your church, school, university or hospital can sponsor and/or promote—a group walk in the park, youth sports event, organized 5K run/walk, or any other event involving physical activity. Invite other community groups, like the local health department, a university, church, or other agencies, to partner with you. Your event will create community awareness for childhood obesity and can also be used as a fundraiser for other projects, such as a community garden. You can also join an existing community event. Whatever your organization plans, remember to invite your community to join you as we move together and promote a healthier lifestyle.




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